Choose your associates carefully. If you have incompetent people around you, the time may have come to dismiss them, or at least distance yourself from them. At the same time, be wary of associating only with the strong and powerful. The moon shines brightly in a sea of small stars, but vanishes with the rising of a single sun.
As you move through life, opportunities arise to develop associations with powerful, distinguished or worthwhile persons. Associating with good people brings good fortune. But each new connection with someone important requires an equal and opposite diminishing of a relationship you have with someone less important. The stouthearted leave behind what is inferior and superficial, and accept the challenges of developing new relationships.
It often happens that as a person attains a position of influence, he or she attracts a chorus of flatterers who use their supposed loyalty to gain personal advantage. Be wary of such flatterers. Their influence is subtle, but can be very destructive. Flattery is most effective with the immodest, those with large egos. Hold your ego in check during times of success, and you will be able to see through the insincere intentions of subordinates. Not being able to see parasites for what they are is a precursor to misfortune.
Set your compass toward what is beautiful and true, have confidence in your intuition, and sail out into the glistening sea. Perseverance furthers and good fortune ensues.

It may be time to seek the counsel of someone wiser and more experienced. Be receptive to advice from a person you respect, and make the proper adjustments. If he or she agrees to work actively on behalf of your cause or enterprise, supreme good fortune awaits. Another possibility here is that through understanding and respect, you are the one joined by a follower, with whom a supportive bond is formed…



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