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Reconstructing a 15th-century panel painting

Art Conservation in Action

Pia and I are currently first-year students at the Hamilton Kerr Institute (HKI). During the three-year training program, we will receive theoretical and practical instruction in the conservation treatments of easel paintings. We work in the studio alongside two third-year students, six interns, and staff members.The best way to learn about the materials and techniques used by past artists is to make reconstructions of paintings. Any visitor only needs to look at the walls of the HKI office to realize how big a role reconstructions play in the work of the Institute. They are covered with copies of paintings – from 15th-century Italian to Impressionist! Many of them are extensive research projects completed by previous third-year students and interns. Practical research can provide unique insights into the working practices of different artists. Some answers can only be obtained by getting your hands dirty!

Reconstructions hanging in the Hamilton Kerr Institute Reconstructions hanging in the…

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20 marzo 2016 – Pranzo conviviale Associazione SALVIAMO CAVALLERIZZA

Buone notizie! Si è costituita l’associazione SALVIAMO CAVALLERIZZA, con ben 62 cittadini riuniti in qualità di soci e socie fondatori/trici. Ora si apre la campagna di adesioni, supporta anche tu …

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