Hello Kitty + Donuts= Love!

Okasaneko Chronicles

You know I’ve been on the straight and narrow path when it comes to Hello Kitty. I’ve been able to resist all sorts of kittilicious temptations just by sheer will and it hasn’t always been easy. But when news of somethings deliciously kawaii comes to my news feeds, I have to admit that even my iron clad will suddenly gets quivery… withdelight.

We’ve seen all sorts of Hello Kitty collaborations in the past- clothing, shoes, bags, perfumes, toys, camp gear, car accessories- but nothing ever comes close to the sort of exhiliration food collaborations can conjure. I mean, who does not go crazy over donuts?

Meet Hello Kitty x Mr. Donut (MisuDo ミスド), now on sale in Japan, but only until late May!

HK donuts

Hello Kitty should come up more “useful” collaborations like this, I say, and slow down on stuff like irons and microwave ovens. How many irons does one need anyway, right? But you…

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