Mese: agosto 2009

Peter Cincotti in concert – Milano Jazz Festival – 18 Luglio 2009

The sun was warm in Milan. The big Arena Civica was in front of me. It has an important historical significance for the town itself. It was the place where Napoleon celebrated his glory (when he conquered the Italian territories step by step) . It is the place where Music is celebrated today too. The carnet of musical appointments was rich, I could read all the names close to the main entrance, but what was important “Peter Cincotti 18th of July” caught my mind. Wow. Talented Cincotti in Italy again, I was honoured.

I could not miss his gig.

We were a group. Some girls united by the desire to see the genius performing – thanks Peter, because you give the chance to me for knowing people : the real artist is the one who makes people united. Peter’s Music is energy, is chance to feel, is a whole of stuff, it is not only “art for art’s sake” (O. Wilde) , but one more chance to discover emotions.

The same sound, the same mind. Different people unite by the love for Peter’s Music. Yes, It was hot, but when you have the chance to see a great musician performing, nothing can stop you. We were waiting for Peter and his band. Suddenly a car – we had already seen other ones – arrived : it passed close to our group, Peter inside was a gentleman and offered us a quiet, kind , joyful smile, waving his hand just a bit.

We were happy, thinking it was a privilege to listen to the sound check outside there, before entered, we started figuring out the best part of the show would have come later. The quality of the sound made Milan graceful – Peter and his band blessed Milan, we were blessed by God for being there.

Step by step the line to enter was close to the entrance. Each real admirer of Peter knows that, before the show starts, the lucky stars of her/him seem to appear – I thought I was honoured to see such a genius performing live again – when we reached the seats, maybe we started seeing our lucky stars aligned in the form of Peter and his band. Behind them three great letters “MJF – Milan Jazz Festival”. It was a perfect scenery. Peter himself loved the view of the Arena Civica.

One giant. A young one. I listened to the voice of some people seeing Peter’s performance for the very first time : they were happily surprised by his energy. I was so in an emotional state of mind that – I’m sorry – now I cannot list the songs following a precise and proper order – maybe the other girls will be better than me – I was just concentrated. Peter was great : both standing and playing his piano. Oh, the mosquitoes tried to “attack” him (hahah  : – ))) but he was stronger !!

Peter Rodriguez, Daniel Mitseris and Charles Norris were great. The energy of the audience was growing up. People made a big standing ovation. We all wanted to stand up to go closer the stage. It was an  incredible standing close to the stage, we all were abducted by the rhythm of “Love is gone”. When the gig was over, we hoped to have the chance to see Peter. We came back to the entrance – there was an Italian boy repeating “Peter is incredible: I play the piano too, but when I discovered his music and his ability to sing I just wanted to give up, I cannot consider my attitudes good enough !! He is a genius “. We were waiting for a good sign. Suddenly the car appeared : it seemed to go away, but Peter, waving his hands, made it stop. He came out. We all saw “the sun” even if it was night. Peter was so gentle. Some of us had gifts for him, and ….. you know what ?  How beautiful and graceful is to see a great musician being a shining human being, so simple : he still looks at the presents with the purity of a child, being surprised by what he gets. His soul is so naïve.

I was happy, feeling on another planet…..and waiting for the following days in La Spezia and Tourin.