My review on Cincotti’s cd “On the Moon” (Warner Bros)



I think that “On the moon” is a great CD, a great Opera : “some kind of wonderful”.

The astounding merit  of this cd is not only to introduce the listeners to Peter Cincotti’s  voice and great ability of playing the piano and also to his great creativity in writing lyrics (genuine poems and ballads!) and music, but also to introduce everyone who appreciates Cincotti himself to the knowledge of his precious source of inspiration : some great masters of Music ( William Handy, Carole King, Cole Porter, Andrew Lippa, Ray Noble, Gerald Goffin …etc…).

Once more, we – listeners and fans – have to thank Peter for making not only a work of creativity and quality, but also a sort  of “bridge”to link the contemporary listeners to classical successes of the past and the present, evergreen hits.

The touch of Cincotti’s voice and style is unmistakable : “On the moon”, “He’s watching”, “The girl for me tonight” and “I’d rather be with you” are pure creations of the Artist himself : stories of life, confessions, deep feelings of the (young) author.

Moreover, amazing songs that are revisiting versions of great successes: “I love Paris”, “St. Louis Blues”, “Cheeroke”, “Some kind of wonderful” seem to come from a jazzy night club , over there in New York, while Peter is playing his beloved piano and the notes are widespread in the city.

Poetry and Music become a gentle wind that is mixing swing, jazz, piano and fantasy up (even if Peter Cincotti’s talent is a wonderful, concrete reality and not fantasy..)..this Music is like Joyce’s stream of consciousness, “Bali ha’i” awakes something in the listeners’ heart that travels like a “whisper on the winds of the sea” and no matter where we are, we feel it.

We feel “special hopes in a special Island”..

Peter Cincotti lets us “lock the door and stop complaining”, so that we can stay peaceful listening to his Music, forgetting how cruel can be the world sometimes…he gives to us the purity of good Music. For a bit, we “raise the roof” … we just arrive “on the moon”.

– Cristiana Andolfi  –


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