In presenza di un grande artista …

In presenza di un grande artista il cuore si ferma Cuore rosso
POI batte con più vigore, riprende il suo galoppo …
La mente omaggia il genio…
Io mi commuovo davanti alla maestria di questo talento : Peter Cincotti…
GRAZIE PER LE EMOZIONI che mi hai donato a Le Castella

27th of July … 2008 –  Le Castella (Crotone, ITALY)

That night someone special was playing and singing on the stage. The Castle’s got his prince : Mr. Genius Peter Cincotti. I was there. Special thanks to my dear friends Tiziana and Elsa sharing with me those feelings and emotions.

A shining sun (even if it was night…!) was giving to me a lot of special  gifts: a wondeful voice, a strong energy, a marvellous atmosphere, a perfect sound … together with other fab , great musicians Obed, Keith, Peter R., Daniel, Scott … a huge world of emotions !

Peter Cincotti’s voice always awakes in me scene of movies, he seems coming from Andrè Téchiné ‘ s plot, from Robert Frost’s poem, from Leonardo Da Vinci’s creativity, from Mozart and Chopin’s melodies … I felt like a lucky person blessed by God !

Each concert is different from the previous one, I cannot mix feelings up … but my feelings themselves add each other , I was listening to Peter playing in Le Castella while several ancient images of Peter’s gigs in Perugia and Florence came to my mind … I cannot describe what exactly happened to my heart , maybe it just stopped.

The peaceful sea all around made the scene perfect. Peter and his musicians did their best, they were great!

I was looking for just a bit of time, after the concert, to give  Peter a little gift – an artistic creation of mine – little thing  if compared to his genius !

THANK YOU PETER, you colour the world of beauty with your melodies.

C r i s t i a n a

(thanks Tiziana and Elsa for being with me, God bless YOU)



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