…. la futura ” città dei giovani” a Napoli …

La futura "città dei giovani" è ….  a Napoli !!!
Real Albergo dei Poveri.

The Reale Albergo dei Poveri is a huge building built by the famous architect Ferdinando Fuga in the XVIII century according to the desire of the King Carlo III: he had planned to give all the poor people living in Naples a place to be received, educated, purified.

The original project of Fuga stated that the Real Albergo had a lot of corridors and chambers for a total length of 600 meters, but in 1819 the construction stopped at about 360 meters.

Both poor women and men, girls and boys lived there to learn a job, but they hadn’t the chance to meet each other. Since the other great architect of the eighteenth century, Luigi Vanvitelli, devoted his time to project The Royal Palace of Caserta, the king Carlo ordered Fuga to create an enormous building for the capital of his Reign because he wanted his people in Naples to be proud of it.

The original design of the Reale Albergo included a central church never completed, as the Duke of Noja’s map showed.


Questa è parte del discorso che i turisti si sentivano declamare da me al suo interno:  bei tempi .


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